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Rotorua Rocked

Rotorua Rocked

The anticipation was palpable as our concert at the Rotorua Civic Theatre kicked off this past Saturday. With the cancellations of two weeks prior still fresh in everyone's mind this was the time to get the tour back on tracks and enjoy ourselves in way fitting for JR's Final Bow. We also had a second backing singer join us for this show Kiri Eriwata who fit like a glove with Ainslie. The show went over 2.5 hours with John bringing out his electric guitar for a Shadows Medley for the first time on the tour. SUNDAY was filming a lot of the show for their story they're doing on John which is due to screen in a couple of weeks.
Now the though on everyone's mind is redemption as we head back to New Plymouth where we had to cancel the show a fortnight ago to finish what we started. I'm betting it'll be the show of the tour.

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